Granite Counter Clean, Polish, & Seal - Introductory Price!

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  1. Detail Cleaning and Polishing Granite Counters - Recommended service charge between $150 - $350
  2. Filling holes using the FillaChip system - Recommended service charge between $50 (1-2 holes in ten minutes) and up! 

This price will not last! We will be adding Sink hole caulking, and other services to this module shortly. Buy-in now and receive those upgrades for free!

No it's not as simple as just rubbing some sealer the surface and calling it a day. Otherwise customers would not be willing to pay as much as $350 for this valuable service. 

In this short tutorial Josh and Ted demonstrate the best way to remove impurities from granite counters, polish them to a beautiful luster, seal them with a high quality impregnator, and use a stone polish protector. This is the same service that Sureshine, Ted's company charges $350 for or does for free with a full day service purchase. 

You can purchase all of the tools in this class from Easy Stone Care including:

  1. Makita 9227C 
  2. Backer pad and white pad
  3. MB20 Granite Polishing Paste
  4. MB24 Premium Sealer
  5. Ultimate Stone Polish Protector
  6. Microfiber Rag

The rest we purchased from Home Depot including:

  1. Squirt bottle
  2. Four inch scraper (Paint Section)
  3. Quart Denatured Alcohol

This is all you will need to bring the life back to your customers' counters.