Granite Scratch Removal - Grind to Polish

Granite Scratch Removal - Grind to Polish

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This video is an expansion and update of the popular You Tube video that has more than one million views on You Tube. The difference is that though right now this class discusses one counter top repair, over the next year we will be adding several more grinding and repair videos. This is where those videos will be placed. All upgrades and additions are free to existing members.

Over this year some planned additions include:

  • Dressing and filling seams
  • Filling holes with Fill-a-Chip
  • Grinding a seam to level and blending with existing finish.
  • Using CA glue and other adhesives

Not all of these new lessons will be live video. Some will be detailed photographic explanations of the service with written descriptions.

Josh and Ted will discuss these additions, answer questions, and take suggestions on our facebook group: